6-7PM Avanzaos/Preteens   |  7-8PM Teens/Adults 
Monday & Wednesday


We will open up to 12 people (due to lack of attendance on some classes). First come first serve.

Registration Fee: 
$40 Session Fee – (8)session dance packet

Please fill out the registration form below and all payments must be made through PayPal. 


    Paypal will open in a separate window. Enter the total amount due in the payment field. $15 One time registration fee and $40 per child.


    -Everyone will continue to wear masks at practice and parents/siblings will remain in cars
    -This will be after daylight savings to address concern of cold and dark .
    -This will give students a chance to see if in person classes work for them.
    -This will give parents a chance to see where they can park and watch their kids.
    -We are lowering minimum age to 6 years old to include younger dancers.

    -Dancers will start paying for classes
    -Preview of performance material, dancers will be casted

    -Dance specific rehearsals towards performance with covid precautions

    -We will shut down again if there is a surge in Covid 19 cases
    -We will close classes if there are less than 15 participants total (this is the minimum number of dancers to pay all of the necessary bills
    -Dancers will still not be able to use restrooms
    -Dancers will still complete a screening every class
    -Parents will still have to remain in their cars in the parking lot during practice