Alma Latina Registration

Alma Latina is a group based out of Long Beach, California that promotes self-esteem and cultural awareness through the medium of dance. The group ranges in age from 5 years old – adult. Our purpose is to educate and provide a pleasant supervised experience for children and adults to learn the cultural and historical significance of Mexican music, tradition, costume, celebrations, and art through the discipline of dance and appropriate social behaviors for involvement and participation in a group. Read and Sign the AL Bylaws and register for Alma Latina Long Beach using the form below.

5-6 year olds $35/month
7-9 year olds $40/month
10-Adult $45/month
$25 each additional sibling or parent

Alma Latina Long Beach
All classes are now filled. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please message us below. Thank you.

Alma Latina Long Beach Waitlist Request Form