How much is tuition?

See “Join” tab on homepage

What are the practice dates and times?

See “Calendar” tab on homepage

What are different levels?

Chiquitos Principiantes (approx 4-5 years old)
Chiquitos Intermedios (approx 6-7 years old)
Chiquitos Avanzados (approx 8-9 years old)
Preteens (10-12 years old)
Teen/Adult (13 and up)

Where is the practice location?

Hynes Portuguese Hall
7812 Alondra Blvd
Paramount, CA

When can I join?

You can join anytime before show casting is released. See calendar for specific “last day to join” for exact dates

What are costume costs?

Costumes are not required to begin rehearsal. Costumes vary in cost depending on region and size. Some costumes can be rented from the group and others are individually purchased. We also try and maintain a “hand me down” system with costumes within the group. We do have a resource listing for purchasing shoes and costumes, as well as, a costume checklist.

What do I need to get started?

To get started you just need black workout clothes, tennis shoes, hair in a bun (females), ponytail or braid for boys with long hair, and a completed application and waiver. Please email a support team leader or come by the hall during practice times to review paperwork.

What if I don’t want to perform?

Performing is not required, however practices prior to big shows are dedicated exclusively to performers.

Do you participate in competitions?

We participate in many different events over the course of the year but we do not participate in competitions.

Do you do performances?

We do performances all year long at churches, private parties, parks, parades, day of the dead fundraiser in November, etc. Our big shows include an annual banquet (March/April) and an annual recital in August at Carpenter’s Center in Long Beach.

What do the practices consist of?

In general AL students have one day a week of Mexican folklorico and one day of another genre (Cumbia, African, Danzon, Merengue, etc.). Our classes involve endurance,/ muscle strength and flexibility training in addition to the dancing. We also build in vocabulary (Spanish/English) of choreography formations, costumes/accessories and region/historical information at all levels through activities and games.